A tribute to Eric

By Sal Mortilla his Father:Eric was born on March 14,1971,

Other than the normal and expected childhood diseases and occasional illnesses he had a normal life.

As a a teenager and adult he was constantly fighting with severe acme problems on his face back and chest.

It became so bad that I recall him saying to me at one time that I guess life handed me a bad deal with this.

In the face of the complexion problem he never lost his ability to smile ,a smile that was captivating to everyone who knew him and everyone who came into contact with him.

Effected severely by my divorce and ongoing family problems at the time Eric became rebellious

and stayed out most nights and got involved with the type of people that are every parents nightmare.

Hanging out on street corners stealing and alcohol and drug use went on for a few years.

After a few minor skirmishes with the law he meet his wife Halaine and settled down.

Three children later Tyler, Scott and Nicole Eric began to show signs of depression and various illnesses were common place.

Eric was a highly skilled Landscape Designed but preferred sales after working with me as a landscaper for many years.

I won’t go into his entire history other than to say that some ware around the year 2002 he found a small pea sized lump on his leg on the calf mussel.

Doctor after Doctor Emergency room after emergency all said the same thing ! not to worry it’s only a cyst.

As it grew and became more and more painful Eric continued to work both with me as a landscaper and his beloved sales jobs.

Even in face of all his severe pain that smile that I mentioned prior never failed to show itself and have the same effect on everyone.

On January 31.2004 Eric Mortilla my Son died of Cancer !.

Sometimes we take life for granted.

We all know that some day we will die.

But we never think that we will out live our children.

Eric is gone but his memory and the memory of his smile will live for as long as anyone who knew him lives.

When was the last time you told your children you loved them. ?.

Sal Mortilla